Who I Am

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Hey there!

My name’s Kimberly; I prefer my full name most of the time, but a lot of people call me Kim and a few jokingly call me Kimbo (and one friend calls me “Berly,” so there’s also that.) Who knew such a simple name would end up so complicated?

Up through May 2017,red hair oo yea.PNG I attended a Christian school in Malaysia with my sister, where my parents also work. Our family isn’t employed by a missions agency, but we’re doing God’s work by ministering to everyone here; I don’t often call myself an MK, but I suppose that’s technically what I am. (I’ve got all the same issues, basically–a strange accent and vocabulary, no set definition of “home,” and a really weird taste in music.) I’m currently attending George Fox University, studying computer science and music with an emphasis on composition.

It’s crazy how in love with music I am. My dad introduced me to 80s pop (think Roxette, ABBA, Bon Johobbiton.jpgvi, and Gloria Estefan) and Broadway
musicals, and I embraced these along with the hit CCM on Spirit 105.3 with all the vigor of an off-key 3-year-old. I’ve since worked out my sense of pitch, but I’m still loving 80s, musicals, and Christian contemporary–along with Top 100 pop, EDM (progressive and electro house, baby!), concert and symphonic band pieces, rap and spoken word (TOP, Lecrae, NF), a Capella, and (regretfully) a little bit of Brad Paisley. If it exists, I can develop a taste for it. 🙂

Along with singing along to the radio, I also play the flute, tuba, and a little bit of saxophone and guitar. I’m majoring in music, and though I’m still not sure of what I want to do down the road, a Masters in Music Therapy is not out of the question–combining my love of music with my love of psychology and helping people would be absolutely living the dream.

I met Jeff Bethke!!!

More important than all of that, though, is my journey with Jesus. I accepted him into my heart at age 3; I don’t think I really started living for Him, though, until age 15 when I was baptized on Easter Sunday. Since then, life’s been a crazy adventure of learning to love and live for Jesus, getting to know Him better, and really seeking out His calling for my life. I haven’t made it in any of these areas, and I know I never will–but growing more and more every day is exciting and absolutely worth it. I thank God for how patient He’s been with me through all of my questions, and I’m forever grateful for His peace and truth in my life.

I hope this blog gives you encouragement, provides a little entertainment, or helps you seek God and a new and fresh way today! (And if you’re here for the resume section, I hope it gives you a better picture of who I am and whether I’d be a good fit for your company!)


Kimberly  🙂