Trusting God’s Plan

Lately I’ve been really struggling with giving my life over to God’s plan.

It’s hard to admit it, but deep down I’m afraid that God’s plan won’t match up with my plan. That’s the heart of it. So often we face this struggle–what if God doesn’t want me to date this person? What if God doesn’t want me to go to college? (Or what if he does?) What if He doesn’t want me to do [insert something you want to do here]?

It’s tough. It really, truly, is. Everyone struggles with their own desires overshadowing God’s–and everyone struggles with wondering if God’s plan is really as good as the Bible says it is. It’s okay to ask and to wonder and to question. But what should we do when we find ourselves doubting God’s plan and being afraid that we won’t like it?

First of all–remind yourself of God’s sovereignty. God is in control, and His plan for the world (the entire world, not just you) is amazing. He has saved us and is saving us; and He is ultimately working towards bringing us into Heaven to be with Him. If you’re struggling with whether His plan is truly good, meditate on verses about what He has in store for those who love Him and on what is in His nature. God is good and loving and compassionate–so whatever happens will be a reflection of that.

Secondly… we need to remember that it’s not about us. It’s about God. Godly, loving people like Jim Elliot have been killed for trying to spread the gospel. Clearly life will not always be easy. It may not have a fairytale ending or something good at the end–at least in a single person’s life. You might not get what you want, and you might get hurt. But when you have God’s end goal in mind, you know that everything is worth it. Pray and ask God to change your desires to be His desires. Ask that He might show you how His plan is greater than yours, and He will give you His desires for the world rather than your own.

Making God’s desires your desires is a process that takes time–but it is key to our Christian walk and oh-so worth it. Trusting that God’s plan is better is so hard–I’m in the middle of it right now. But when I dwell on God’s character, who He is, and how great His plan is, I’m comforted. Suddenly, the fear that I’ll never get married or that my college education will cost me too much or any other thing I’m worried about becomes nothing next to God’s perfect plan.

I may never do any of the things I want–but if I’m following God, I’m helping bring Him more glory and furthering His plan. And that’s something more worthy than anything else I could accomplish in this life.

This song has been such a blessing to me lately. Such good truth and such meaningful lyrics to sing when I need a reminder that God’s plan is greater.