Source of the Cell – Kimberly Does Apologetics!

Most people who know me are aware that I’m a pretty big proponent of science and logic–so it’s not really a surprise to anyone when I say I’m a fan of Christian apologetics.

This year, I am loving my Apologetics class; we’ve been watching talks by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer about the origins of life, we talked about Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, and I’m in the middle of reading Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box. Needless to say, I’m in my element right now. 🙂

One of our projects was to make a visual summary of a few of the main arguments for intelligent design; so I made a video. It covers three of the main questions we need to ask about the origin of life and summarizes the arguments on both sides. If science is your thing (or even if it isn’t and you just like bad art), go check it out! I worked really hard on it, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

Thanks for watching! Hopefully I’ll be creating more content like this in the future; let me know what you think!

Trusting God’s Plan

Lately I’ve been really struggling with giving my life over to God’s plan.

It’s hard to admit it, but deep down I’m afraid that God’s plan won’t match up with my plan. That’s the heart of it. So often we face this struggle–what if God doesn’t want me to date this person? What if God doesn’t want me to go to college? (Or what if he does?) What if He doesn’t want me to do [insert something you want to do here]?

It’s tough. It really, truly, is. Everyone struggles with their own desires overshadowing God’s–and everyone struggles with wondering if God’s plan is really as good as the Bible says it is. It’s okay to ask and to wonder and to question. But what should we do when we find ourselves doubting God’s plan and being afraid that we won’t like it?

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“Why do you love music?”

“It’s because… like… well, I’ve just… music has always been a huge part of my life, and I don’t… Why can’t I think of anything to say?

I stood rigid, wringing my hands in front of my teacher’s desk, baffled that I couldn’t put my passion into words.

“I’m guessing no one’s ever asked you that question before,” Mr. Ramos said with a knowing sort of smile.

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My Radical Experiment – [Radical by David Platt]

After having finished David Platt’s convicting book Radical, I knew I had to hold myself accountable to the one-year Radical Experiment he describes at the end of the book. I hope this set of challenges inspires you to also pick up this book and allow it to transform your heart; God is still working in me, and I am so humbled by His patience and care for a sinner like me–but He is so faithful, and it’s baffling. I hope and pray that He can be the change in you, too. I encourage you to hold me accountable to these challenges; and by the end of this year-long experiment, I hope the world will see a radical change in me. 🙂

I, Kimberly Horton, agree with the Radical claim that I can find satisfaction and real service to God only in abandonment to Jesus. So I hereby commit to a one-year experiment of radical living according to the gospel… and to making myself open to the permanent changes God wants to perform in my life as a result of this experiment.

Over the next year…

  1. I will pray for the entire world.
    To make this commitment real in my life, I choose here and now specifically to utilize and pray for their daily featured nation and its specific prayer requests each morning.
  2. I will read through the entire Word.
    To make this commitment real in my life, I choose here and now specifically to use a chronological reading plan and read around 3 chapters every day.
  3. I will sacrifice my money for a specific purpose.
    To make this commitment real in my life, I choose here and now specifically to support the From Kids, For Kids ministry some students at my school have started; they sponsor three children in poverty-stricken countries.
  4. I will spend time in another context.
    To make this commitment real in my life, I choose here and now specifically to go with my church on a week-long missions trip to Nepal to minister to a church there and be with the people.
  5. I will commit my life to a multiplying community.
    To make this commitment real in my life, I choose here and now specifically to do all that I can to be involved in my church (Penang International Church!) by running the sound board, being on the worship team, and potentially helping at the Refugee ministry on Monday nights alongside family friends.

[Guest Post] Neither Jew nor Greek: The Church and the Civil Rights Movement

Check out my guest post on author Mark W. Sasse’s blog about the Church and the Civil Rights Movement!

I appreciate Kimberly Horton allowing me to publish her very interesting paper on various Christian denominations’ responses to the Civil Rights Movement. It’s an area I had not previously given much thought to, but as you will see, it’s an area where the view of the church and Christian charity towards equal rights for African […]

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Your Friend is an Alcoholic

Your friend is an alcoholic.

An ex-convict and alcoholic, to be exact. Two years ago, he was arrested for multiple DUIs and an incident at a bar that ended in a black eye and bloody nose (and you should have seen the other guy.) Today, he’s living in a halfway house, trying to kick his addiction and take back his life.

Your friend is a drug addict.

He’s been living on the streets for years, buying and selling and getting high and crashing low. He comes to you every once in a while, and you clean him up, let him stay in your house, encourage him to get better. He never does–but you hope that someday, someday he might be receptive.

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The Porn We Don’t Talk About: Erotica

The Bible talks a lot about “abstaining from sexual immorality”; and aside from premarital sex, one of the first things that comes to mind is pornography.

Porn is a terrible struggle—it’s embarrassing, it’s hard to break free from, and it’s permanently altering. It’s also often shrouded under stereotypes and lies. Porn is a guys-only struggle. Porn is only what the worst sinners struggle with. Anyone who watches porn is permanently messed up. In my opinion, though, the worst one is porn is pictures or videos of people engaged in sexual acts.

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Hello (It’s Me)


I’m doing’s Blogging University challenge over on my writing blog, and I’ve decided that it’s going to be a blog focused solely on writing–which means all my personal stuff is going to get relegated to this blog over here! Just in case you ever wanted to hear what I think about debate, travel, cats, or whatever I feel like telling you about, this blog is here so you can do that 😉

… anyways. In all seriousness, my name is Kimberly Horton, I’m a student, writer, actress, traveler, INFJ, Christian, and proud of all of those things. I’m extremely nerdy, I tend to ramble (which is… probably apparent), and once you start talking to me about Harry Potter I’ll probably be your best friend. And then I won’t shut up. 😉

If you want to know more about who I am, go check out my About page on my regular writing blog over here. For writing things, go there. For personal anecdotes and other things not pertaining to writing, click around!