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My name is Kimberly Horton. I’m in the high school graduating Class of 2017, attending Dalat International School in Penang, Malaysia. The first 11 years of my life were spent in Seattle, Washington, but, truthfully, I don’t remember a lot of it. In 2010, I moved to Malaysia to start the 6th grade at my new school, and things have never been the same! I’ve come out of growing up in Asia with a better understanding of the world and its cultures, high academic standards, and a wide vocabulary of international slang. Ai ya!

I like to keep myself busy; over the course of my high school years, I’ve been on my school’s parliamentary debate team, an actress in multiple school productions, a soundboard runner at my church, and taught myself tuba, guitar, and euphonium.

This site is host to a variety of things professional and personal; you can learn more about who I am, take a look at my resume, or read my Christ-centered student blog–and if you have any questions, you can contact me via e-mail. 🙂

Have a blessed day!